Our Experienced onQloud Team and astute professionals of cloud domain gives you the best consulting services in selecting the right product and services fitting your data center need.


lots of misconception has been prevailing related to cloud. Consumers are of belief by putting data on cloud they could be dispensed with all other responsibilities e.g data manageibilitya and security.


Our team engage you at every stage of project cycle wherein you become the co-creator of your cloud journey. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Your need and aspirations are well taken care

The PreCover
(Prevention + Recovery) Strategy

Prevention is always better than Recovery. Our Pre-Cover approach works at both prevention and Recovery level leaving minimal of scope of data loss.  At times the online threats and attacks are so severe and instant even the preventive walls fails to protect the organization . You need to have a better predictive assessment which further narrow down the possibilities of attacks and intrusion. An instant detection at the time of intrusion help you to respond to attacks efficiently and effectively.

OS Platform

Cloud Platform

Application Platform

Why onQloud?

A market evolution is bi-directional . Either a market evolves out of NEED which further creates WANT among its audiences or A high level of WANT is created with heavy investment in marketing and awareness drive . With this approach  certain market segment is targeted and with constant marketing feed the consumer WANT starts to turn into NEED. Journey from NEED to WANT is organic and we consumer is  aware of every aspects of change and challenges and hence any new concept/idea or business could be well embraced without much disruption.

Services And Options

onQloud BacKup

onQloud Security Architecture

Where You Get The “Next Best”
Business Experience

onQloud is a Technology platform which provides “Next Best”  Business experience to all its entities . Embracing world class cutting edge technologies alongside an impeccable support system gives absolute delightment to  variety of Partners/customers coming from different verticals and industries .

Built on the “PRECOVER ( Prevention & Recovery )” approach our Ecosystem protect data 360 degree negating  any chances of failure or data loss.

The Security Layer covers system with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning security pattern ensuring holistic protection of Data, Application and System. The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services stand tall as your Last Line Of Defense to ensure minimum Work Recovery Time. A well trained team and experienced professionals makes your journey smooth and hassle free. You enjoy all these under single pane of glass.

Your Own Business Platform

Every Company aspire to take their technology and services to the relevant audience on Global Map . In the quest of making Business Profitable and scalable companies are in look out for a platform which gives them direct access to relevant audience by removing geographical barrier . onQloud is one such Global Business Platform wherein we help you create the Business Opportunity for your customers. Our direct access to wide Global geography help companies overcome demography, psychographic and demographic challenges. We have right set of People, Process and System in place which shorten your Business Activation Period and help you grow on our Channel driven Business Eco System.

Our 360 degree approach help you address the different aspects of businesses. Be it your Vendor Management, Team Engagement And Training, Product Positioning, Competitors, and Marketing activities. 


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