Prevention is always better than Recovery. Our Pre-Cover approach works at both prevention and Recovery level leaving minimal scope of data loss.  At times the online threats and attacks are so severe and instant even the preventive walls fail to protect the organization . You need to have a better predictive assessment which further narrow down the possibilities of attacks and intrusion. An instant detection at the time of intrusion help you to respond to attacks efficiently and effectively.

We are witnessing paradigm shift in tech domain, wherein environment and platform are new to most of the consumers. Fine tuning and setting the best security policy to keep the threats at Bay is must task for the IT admins. Companies need to look beyond the regular security policies and keep a vigilant check at Network and Application level. Most of the companies are having Firewall whereby they been ensuring protection at network layer But application protection has not been efficiently covered.Besides the external threats are ever rising through emails. Business eMail compromise has questioned the email authenticity online. At onQloud we create a smart and proactive security layer to give you a holistic protection against online threats .

When it comes to data protection we can’t overlook the other mode of disasters e.g  Natural Disaster, Power Outage, Ransomware attacks, Data sabotage, human error etc. That’s where we stand tall against all odds to ensure our  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution remain The Last Line Of Defense for your business. We provide you policy frame work on Best Practices for BC/DR. our DR Docket tool provides you analytics on RTO, RPO, WRT and MTD. This brings predictability in your business functioning and Fear of Disaster never Haunts you again.