Private Cloud
With onQloud

When evaluating a potential provider, you’ll want to
drill down into their specific offerings. Not all cloud
BDR solutions will meet your needs—so be sure you
select the most advanced options.

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onQloud offers a different better option for your business.

IAAS (VMware)

our VMware-based hybrid cloud solutions give you the benefits of consumption-based pricing and multi-tenancy.

You can continue operating in your familiar VMware environment, using a private cloud solution that delivers the same benefits as a public cloud, without having to undertake time-consuming and costly application modernization programs. With a private cloud solution from OnQloud, you get the immediate benefits of public cloud with the luxury and flexibility of modernizing your applications when it suits you, all the while securing your most-sensitive data in your private cloud deployment.

DRAAS (Quorum)

Unlike other clouds “backup-only” vendors, Our Quorum stores snapshots that are ready to run virtual images of your servers and data.  With Quorum you not only get cloud backup – but you also get cloud Recovery!

At user-defined intervals, a snapshot is taken, encrypted and sent to the Quorum cloud.  That snapshot is tested to make sure it will be usable in the event of a failure.

When a failure occurs, customers simply log into the web-based admin console to boot up the cloud copy and run their servers from Quorum’s cloud infrastructure.  While running in the Quorum cloud, all data are backed up so nothing is lost.

Workload Portability

Our modern private cloud solutions allow you to run and optimize workloads in the best location and on the best infrastructure, without any major rework. We make it possible both to move to the cloud without re-architecting applications and to scale your environment to other types of cloud deployments.

Mission-critical applications