Detection And Response

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Understand Detecting and Responding

The modern approach involves detecting a wide range of threats using methods beyond simple signature matching, along with the ability to respond quickly and effectively once a threat is discovered. As we review these offerings, you will see how this approach remains the basis for each solution.

Types Detection And Response

EDR agent software is deployed to endpoints within an organization and begins recording activity taking place on that system. We can picture these agents like security cameras focused on the processes and events running on that device.

NDR directs its detection capabilities on data observed from the network traffic that flows through the organization. NDR vendors may have multiple approaches to how they observe and analyze this traffic, but in general, a network sensor is required.

It can not only detect threats, but also provide a valuable pool of data for security analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters to search through during investigations.

A benefit of XDR includes streamlining the functions of the analyst role by allowing them to view detections and take response actions from a single console.

MDR provider is one who works with your existing security stack to detect and respond to threats.