Customer Relationship Management

Consult ● Customize ● Create

What is CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  platform is a Multi-tasker tool that can give you a each angle view of your customers and generate impressions to your business. Still most companies don’t use its complete power, leaving the full investment untouched. Tour how CRM solutions can change your business and give the results you are looking for.

How Its Works?

As per your consult about current business process and the difficulties you’re looking to resolve to define individual requirements and create the most useful solution possible.

 Services include: 



-Configuration of reporting and dashboards


Managed Application Services include: 

-Business process review

-Application building

-UI/UX design


-Custom development

One of the nice things about the events that come in from onQloud’s API is that they’re very rich. There’s a lot of data, So it makes it easy to do things like identify by email address. But it also has the lead ID, which makes it easy to search. Even custom fields come in through everything, which is really powerful.

Are We Able To Convinced You?

We will on your side, We will do what to get the job done in right manner — from the first consultation, Customization, Creating your Own ERP to your daily operations. Contact us for a free quote.