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A market evolution is bi-directional . Either a market evolves out of NEED which further creates WANT among its audiences or A high level of WANT is created with heavy investment in marketing and awareness drive . With this approach  certain market segment is targeted and with constant marketing feed the consumer WANT starts to turn into NEED. Journey from NEED to WANT is organic and we consumer is  aware of every aspects of change and challenges and hence any new concept/idea or business could be well embraced without much disruption. On a flip side when WANT starts prevailing the market, consumers usually gets confused as they have been feeded lots of over hyped Information and contents. This further yield in frantic adaptation of trend without giving serious thought to Investment. Consumer usually have information but they lack in knowledge and experience which leads them to costly decision.

We have seen an evolving trend in cloud which has been a blend of Technology Want and Lucrative Economics. With the advent of OS virtualization we all had been busy in unshackling our Data Center dependency from Hardware clutches. Storage and Network virtualization further added to mobility and connectivity ease. With digital revolution Internet unleashed its power of connectivity and the much awaited virtualized world hooked up to internet to give altogether a new experience to consumer. Cloud service providers been prompt to capitalize the opportunity and didn’t hesitate to offer PAY AS YOU GO model. This was all meant to give an easy on boarding experience to  all those consumers who always WANTED to experience cloud . The pandemic wave further give them a reason to adopt cloud wherein people been eyeing at  Business Automation with less Human Intervention. This big Industry which has evolved so fast has posed many challenges on consumers related to data Manageability , Security and Availability. As this three decade old on premise infrastructure concept is still in transition phase , it demands lots of understanding and care before we give wings to our Data Center. Some of the common challenges consumers have been witnessing are – Data Darkness, Legacy Application Compliance on cloud, Data Migration ( upload and Download), Work recovery time after disaster , data Security and availability .onQloud has been proven to be great boon for cloud users who have been suffering for these issues.

With on Qloud we have created a Global platform of innovative technology providers wherein consumer can identify and select the technology as per their need. onQloud is a Technology platform which provides “Next Best”  Business experience to all its entities . Embracing world class cutting edge technologies alongside an impeccable support system gives absolute delightment to  variety of Partners/customers coming from different verticals and industries .

Built on the “PRECOVER ( Prevention & Recovery )” approach our Ecosystem protect data 360 degree negating  any chances of failure or data loss. 

The Security Layer covers system with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning security pattern ensuring holistic protection of Data, Application and System. The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services stand tall as Last Line Of Defense to ensure minimum Work Recovery Time. A well trained team and experienced professionals makes your journey smooth and hassle free. You enjoy all these under one umbrella and single pane of glass.

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